Yes, the Title’s a Double Entendre

So…..I admit, I am a chronic procrastinator and the work of gathering my genealogical data and piecing it together into what might be a family story just has this habit of getting in the way of actually adding my work to the blog I lay in bed at night and dream of.

And, of course, the stories I’ll tell are about family, the dead that lived before me, the human context in which I was raised but have only recently realized. The line of dead from which I, my brothers, and my children sprang.

At any rate, that’s what I thought doing family history would be when I started, but, as the months, now years, have passed I have taken on, and sometimes been able to answer inquiries regarding the puzzles, dead ends and brick walls plaguing others in my world of budding or full blown family historians. They say it takes two to tango, I say, when it comes to family puzzles, the more minds the merrier. So, sprinkled among my kin, living and dead, among my cousins in the broad sense, parents, grandparents, my brothers and children, you’ll find stories of the not related, the distantly related, the thought or presumed to be distantly related, those with which I share not even a known kinship, but only with any certainty, a surname, perhaps a place, and along with those small hints, their mysteries among mine.

Or so, I hope.


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