Baiting My Hook

If I want to use this blog for “cousin fishin’ “, which I do,,,there isn’t much I don’t use for cousin fishin’…. and, while there will be stories of cousins lost, cousins found, cousins good, cousins not so good, stories sad and not so sad, puzzles and conundrums, there won’t be a family tree here. My family tree, always a work in progress, is  just going to have to stay on in the cloud where, theoretically,they will have eternal life, or, at least will exist in some form until all life as we know it ends. Or, so the geekiest geeks say. So, in lieu of anything organized or interesting with keywords, tags, surnames, places, or combinations of those things in order to bait my hook, I’m just going to post a list of names and associated places and tag them so if another person is cousin fishin’ for a cousin shared with me, they might just find me.




Kishpaugh,Kishbaugh,Girschbach,Giersbach …. NJ,PA,CT,DE,OH,MI

Stiles -NJ,CT, British Isles

Durboraw -PA,SC

Vaughn / Vaughan -SC,NC,VA,KY,TX,LA (possibly other locations)

Mize -Union Co. SC, NC, GA, AL, VA,TN

Shockley -SC

Fowler- Union Co, Cherokee Co SC

Adcock,Adcox, Adcocks- SC,NC,VA


Stevenson,Cherokee (Limestone) Co, SC, possibly MD





Greenville,Spartanburg,Anderson,Union Counties SC

Mecklenberg Co. NC

Granville Co,GA

St Clair Co, AL


This list is far from complete, but it represents the  lines from which I descend beginning with my eight great grandparents and a couple of associated lines I have found interesting and about which I’d like to know more, so expect this list to grow.

Try not to hold your breath waiting for it to grow, remember, I’m the inconsistent blogger.


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